This is not your average puppy course – our best value & most popular Package!

The Puppy Passport Program

This Program is private puppy training lessons done at your home – it is the Puppy Essentials Package & Basic Life Skills Rolled into one complete Deluxe Program which includes a discount for the Intermediate Life Skills Package once your puppy Graduates!

This is the single most important time in your puppy’s life – the prevention stage when good & bad habits form.

This isn’t the time for shortcuts because training after puppyhood usually involves fixing problems that start in these first few months. This Program is designed to give your puppy all the fundamentals to navigate our human world.  Our goal is to make your puppy’s world larger, not smaller! What does this mean? Well-behaved dogs get to do more with you, go more places and live peacefully with their families. If you’re reading this, you already know that puppies need a great start to be great dogs – and the earlier the better!  Ideally, we should start BEFORE your pup comes home so you can hit the ground running, or as quickly after they come home as possible.  You don’t have to wait for vaccine immunity with private training, unlike group classes. First, I’ll show you how dogs learn so you can teach your little pup effectively.  Building a strong relationship with your puppy is the #1 secret to a good dog!  I’ll show you how to live peacefully with your puppy from Day One.

Good Training results in happy puppies. 

You’ll learn how to communicate with your new puppy in a way that will make him or her want to follow your lead.  You’ll learn the building blocks for a happy, engaged and obedient dog.  You’ll also learn how to get your puppy to listen to you while having fun and building that rock-solid bond.  A little secret – all good dog trainers actually train YOU, and your puppy naturally follows your lead.  

That’s an empowering thought, right?

This is a fun, hands-on personalized class designed for you for you to learn how to handle your unique and special puppy at his/ her most important life stage. You’ll have homework and be actively involved in your puppy’s development. Did I mention that we’re going to have fun, too?? 

The Puppy Passport Program is intended for all puppies under 1 year.

What’s Included:

  • 11 Total Training Hours: Evaluation + 10 Private lessons (1 hour each) done at your home
  • Printed Lesson Guides on each topic we cover
  • Silicone Training Pouch for food rewards
  • Wooden Skills Training Box ($132 savings) a fun tool to help with impulse control
  • $50 Discount for the Intermediate Life Skills Package
Daisy learning how to be calm using her Wooden Skills Training Box

What We’ll Cover:

  • Answer Questions On: Potty Training, Nipping & Home Management
  • Communication – how to “speak” so your puppy listens 
  • Potty Training – the faster the better, right?
  • Crate Training – yes, you’ll get through this…
  • Leave It / Sit / Down / Place (Stay) – getting these on cue
  • Look & Recall – eye contact & coming when called are life-savers
  • Polite Leash Walking – no more “going for a drag”
  • Impulse control – stop nipping, jumping, chewing & increase focus (on you!)
  • Learning how to be calm – yes, It’s a skill!  Many “teenage” dogs are surrendered just out of puppyhood because they’re not taught how to be calm.  Let’s prevent that!
  • Your Puppy’s Individual Needs – we will cover any specific issues that your puppy has as we move forward (ex: confidence building)
Demi’s Graduation Day!

*Payment for Evaluation & First Lesson are required in full prior to evaluation. Remainder of Package payment is required to continue Lessons. Payments must be received within 24 hours of booking.