Wile I was in college at Georgetown, I happily fell down the “psychology of learning” rabbit hole – studying all I could about human & animal behavior, primatology, learning processes and cognition. These were the classes I looked forward to and paid attention in…

And that’s when it struck me – I’m an animal behavior nerd!

But my psychology degree pointed me towards working with teens first. After graduation, I worked as a counselor for at-risk teens, often bringing my dogs to work for the kids. Even the toughest kid lights up when a big dog snuggles into their lap for a snooze. I found myself drawn into animal science, but this time as a surgical Veterinary Technician. And then almost 20 years later, after learning so much about animal medicine, and helping countless people train and live better with their dogs, I followed my passion created my own training business, Grace With Dogs.

Dogs just make sense in a less-complicated, pure way.

My years of experience has taught me that each human-dog team (you & your dog!) are unique and there’s no “one size fits all” solutions!  I help people solve their dog behavior problems – or prevent them from starting – using my solid foundation in the science of learning, & my creativity to offer workable solutions.

I’m professional, mature, reliable and patient. And I’m passionate about helping people with their dogs. My life literally revolves around our canine best buddies and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


When I’m not creating Wooden Skills Training Boxes for our clients like the one you see to the right, I’m the other half of Grace With Dogs.

My mechanical background allows for a unique take on tackling dog behavior issues – I break down problems into manageable steps for fast results. I’m honest, practical, and creative.

Mina loves her Wooden Skills Training Box!


I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Georgetown University and I was a surgical Veterinary Technician for almost 20 years, so there isn’t much that surprise me.  

I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a member of the International Association of Canine Practitioners (IACP) and an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Trainer & Evaluator.   

My focus is helping you strengthen your bond with your dog through clarity, problem-solving, patience & fun!

We’ll work together to shape a dog you’re happy to live with – you’ll be the neighbor with “the good dog”!


Our busy lives sometimes push dog training to the backseat.  This is when unexpected behaviors crop up that need immediate attention. 

Or maybe you just brought home you’re first puppy and you’re feeling a little lost with how to train the right way.  

This is where I come in.   


I believe every dog can rise to our expectations and be great.  How? By communicating with clarity & consistency in terms they understand – that’s the secret to a great relationship with your dog!

I’ll show you how to create that relationship & keep it strong so obedience comes naturally.  

I’ll empower you to understand the “why’s” of dog training & the methods needed to solve & prevent behavior problems.

Life’s too short to be at odds with your dog – it doesn’t have to be that way.  Let me teach you what I know. 

“I highly recommend Grace for anyone who not only wants wants a better behaved dog, but also wants a better relationship with their canine best friend. Thank you Grace for all you’ve done for us!” -John L.

“Grace is one of those humans put on this earth to help others. Amazing talent with helping, teaching & forming relationships with dogs. Hard-working, funny, genuine & the gentlest of souls.” -Meg T.

“With working dogs, you can’t have just anyone handle them. Grace is one of the few people I trust implicitly to care for our four German Shepherds and cat! They don’t get the upper paw with her.” -Diana H.