What training methods do you use?

I am a “positive first”, science-based trainer, meaning that I’ll teach you how to motivate your dog through rewards, encouragement and fun.  My methods are “Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive”.   I encourage your dog to think through the learning process and reward him for his efforts!  This creates a thinking, engaged dog that loves to learn and loves to listen to you.  

Do you offer private training?  

YES!  All my dog training is done privately, meaning you will get one-on-one lessons for you and your dog.  You’ll have my undivided attention and your training package is tailored to fit your dog’s specific needs.  You’ll also receive training guides to keep for practicing at home.  And I’m always available for questions and troubleshooting between lessons. 

What kinds of dogs do you train?

I train all dogs – from puppies to seniors.  Yes, old dogs CAN learn! Training is very rewarding for all dogs, and older dogs often “light up” when they’re given the opportunity to engage their brains with learning.  

Do you offer online / virtual and phone lessons?

Yes!  I predominantly service the Orlando and surrounding areas, but I also use Zoom to connect with clients outside the Central Florida area.  We can do a great deal over Zoom.  Don’t worry, Zoom is a free online video-conferencing service which is easy to use and I’ll walk you through it.  All you need is an online connection and an email address! 

If you’d like advice on a training issue by phone, we can schedule a consultation phone call and I’ll provide advice for your particular situation.    

What is the Puppy Passport Program?

This is my puppy training package of between 8-10 x 1 hour classes – all the skills your puppy needs to be a polite, well-mannered adult dog.  The number of classes will vary based on your puppy’s age & skill level.  Aside from the basics, you’ll learn HOW to train your dog, and how to do it so your dog loves to listen to you.  We’ll meet once weekly which will give you time to practice what you learn with me, with your puppy between lessons.    

Do you offer other training packages?

Yes!  When you contact me, I will recommend a package of anywhere from 2 to 10+ lessons (1 hour each) to address your issue.  Because this is private training, I’ll create a package of lessons tailored specifically for you and your dog.  

Why training packages?  

I want to be sure my clients are committed to training their dogs. Training has growing pains – you may not see the final picture on day 1 but my experience & knowledge will lead us to success.  Each lesson builds on the last lesson – consistency builds success and repetition speeds it up!    

How do I schedule training?  

When you contact me, I’ll email you my welcome packet and invoice, and we’ll set a date for the initial evaluation and first lesson.  You have 24 hours to submit full payment for your evaluation and first lesson to hold your training slot.  Your payment secures your booking.  

Do you offer “pay as you go” invoicing?  

No, I don’t accept “pay as you go” payment options.  I wear many hats in running my business – I’m trainer, but also scheduler, driver, account manager, buyer, and lesson plan creator.  Every puppy and dog learns at their own pace.  For each dog or puppy, I create specific lesson plans and at-home guides.  I also spend a great deal of time traveling to lessons.  Having to follow up on multiple invoices is time-consuming and chaotic – time I’d rather spend training your dog!  

How much do private lessons cost?  

Private Lessons at your home start at $90/ hour.  Training packages of 8 lessons or more include my printed Lesson Guides on each skill and a solid wood Skills Training Box ($132 value) that’s yours to keep!   Phone and online lessons also start at $90/ hour.  

Many people come to me when group lessons fail, or they’ve hired other dog trainers that don’t base their training in science.  As with all things, you get what you pay for, and you can’t afford to skimp on your dog’s training.   

What is included in the price? 

In-home dog training to work one-on-one with you

Private Training Lessons tailored to your dog & his/her needs

Printed Lesson Guides to keep

Wooden Training Box for skill-building to keep

Do you offer refunds?

Unused portions of your lesson package will be refunded within 6 months of initial contact.  For example, if you have paid for a package of 10 lessons, we meet 6 times and you need or want to stop training, I will refund the amount of the remaining 4 lessons if you request your refund within 6 months of initially contacting me.  

How do I contact Grace With Dogs?

The fastest way to reach me is to go to the Contact Us form below and send me your message.  

Hurry! Availability fills quickly!